Thursday, June 16, 2011

Online Advertising Trends for 2011

As another year draws to a close, we can look forward to seeing numerous “best of” or compilations featuring the last year’s on-goings. From movies to sports, there’s definitely no shortage of lists.  Instead of adding to the category of what we already lived through, below are a few online advertising trends we can expect to live through next year.
• “Pay Per” Business Model will continue to dominate the online world – Thanks to Google, we’ll continue to see the “pay per” real-time bidding model continue to grow as advertisers embrace the ability to pay for only those eyes that see or click on an ad (no wasted money on uninterested audiences).  2010 saw Google launch their Pay Per Call service which allows users to select and call a phone number from within a browser. Advertisers are then charged for each incoming call generated from the banner or ad word served. Advertisers are handed leads and consumers no longer need to hunt for a pen.  Thanks Google! This advertising trend is sure to stay around.
• FCC will square off with online tracking advocates – We can also expect to see a strong stand against the FCC’s proposed “Do Not Track List” from various watchdog groups, creating a fierce battle with definite affects for advertisers.
• Availability and quantity of online content will continue to grow – If tasked with finding an online audience without behavioral or geographical targeting, advertisers will be forced to seek additional and different methods of delivery for their message.  The quantity of online branded entertainment will increase – allowing advertisers to create unique, interesting content with a message about their product woven in.  2010 saw  Youtube’s views per day increase from 1 billion to 2 billion illustrating people are increasingly turning to the internet for entertainment and content.
• Advertisers will seek new ways to online target/track consumers – Social media outlets will see a flurry of new companies looking to send their message via new opportunities such as promoted Tweets on Twitter. Especially if online tracking is no longer available. Best Buy, Red Bull, Sony and other influential brands have already signed on for the service. I’m fairly confident we’re not going to see Myspace rise up and grab some of the Social Media market share from Facebook, but then again I never would have predicted Farmville to be an internet phenom.

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