Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 reasons why publishers should consider developing a news app reporting: News apps have not delivered the returns that were promised five years ago to publishers, with news organisations still struggling toentice readers into engaging with them – or even downloading their apps in the first place. ..
But Kaldor argued that this is about to change and listed five developments in technology that are making it more viable for publishers to create apps that work better for their brand and their audiences.1) Content consumption on mobile devices has soaredAs more people continue to search for editorial content on the move, publishers now have more of an opportunity to engage audiences via apps.

Facebook, Facing Bias Claims, Shows How Editors and Algorithms Guide News

NYT reporting: SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook, the largest social media network, published internal editorial guidelines on Thursday, the company’s latest attempt to rebut accusations that it is politically biased in the news content it shows on the pages of its 1.6 billion users. The 28-page document details how both editors and computer algorithms play roles in the process of picking what should appear in the “Trending Topics” section of users’ Facebook pages.Facebook describes a list of processes it uses to display some of the most popular content across the network, including relying on algorithms to detect up-and-coming news trends as well as a team of editors who, much like a newsroom, direct how those topics are presented and decide what should be displayed to people who regularly use the service.As the guidelines make clear, at practically every point in the process, a human editor is given the leeway to exercise his or her editorial influence.