Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Inside the Financial Times’ Instagram strategy

The publisher boasts 515,000 Instagram followers, up from about 286,000 a year ago, and it’s adding about 5,000 followers a week'The publisher first thought “lighter” lifestyle content would perform better on Stories, but news content tends to perform better, said Grovum. 
Information and news on topics like the Federal Reserve have the highest views and engagement, and Grovum’s team tries to build narratives around pieces about hot topics like Brexit or Trump updates. The idea is to tell a story using the Stories format versus static Instagrams. The FT is prioritizing audience responses, and Grovum suggests using questions at the end of Stories to ask for thoughts and comments.The most attractive thing about Instagram for Grovum is that it isn’t built for shareability — the idea is to use it to connect readers to the brand. "


Sunday, October 8, 2017

9 Digital Marketing Trends Coming In 2018

9 Digital Marketing Trends Coming In 2018
In the inbound marketing new world order, you'll be getting email, messaging from multiple channels including internal messaging (Slack and any number of product-specific messaging apps like SalesForce Chatter), external messaging (from Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage), website chat, and social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. People want to communicate anytime and anywhere they want, and those messages will have to be triaged, directed to the right people, and responded to.