Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mirror Awards Celebrate Media: Hoping It's Not Same, Old

"We have tried to make more of an emphasis on digital journalism," said Wendy Loughlin, director of communications for Syracuse's Newhouse School, where the awards are housed. "It used to be we'd see a lot more entries in traditional media. We are also moving into the digital area, almost organically," as more and more entries come in for digital categories such as "Best Single Article, Digital Media" or "Best Profile, Digital Media."
Blogs Heralded
Some of the more traditional journalists, too, acknowledged the effect digital is having on their work.
"This award is an example of why the blogosphere is a good idea," said Eric Alterman, "The Liberal Media" columnist for The Nation, who won the award for "Best Commentary, Digital Media" for pieces he did at the Center for American Progress. Blogs, he said, subject mainstream media to scrutiny, and he couldn't do his journalism without them.
"Before there was the blogosphere, there was not this scrutiny, and we had less truth in our media ecosystem," he said in accepting the award. His three winning columns were about Fox News, coverage of the Gulf oil spill, and a critique of a New York Times story on Sinatra fandom in the Philippines.

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