Monday, February 9, 2015

64 Ways To Think About a News Homepage

Medium reporting:
By news homepage, I mean any way for a user to first encounter content. A push notification could very well be the new news homepage. (Related: Ways to think about push notifications.) An app is a news homepage.An article or a newsletter is a news homepage. If you listen to the news, Overcast or Soundcloud or the iTunes store may be your homepage. YouTube can be your homepage. Homepage, to me, is simply a shorthand version for any of these things. You can substitute any of the words I mentioned for homepage below.
There are lots of ways to think about a news homepage. We’ll start with the basics. 1. You can have a list of stories curated by a person, arranged by topic, the way the New York Times homepage does...64. A news story that explains everything you see on a graph, chart, or other data viz. You click on each portion for a full explanation, in words — in case you prefer words to pictures.

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