Saturday, May 23, 2015

Content overload on the web is a turn-off: here's how to manage it

theguardian reporting:
41% of people (and 33% of millennials, those aged roughly 18- to 34-years-old) claim to feel overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of choice on the internet, preferring friends’ recommendations on social media rather than searching for content and products themselves.
This trend has huge implications for both publishers, especially for those relying solely on advertising revenues and trying to build audiences at scale, and advertisers heavily investing in native advertising, looking for a deeper connection with consumers.
The recent push towards branded content has plainly contributed to this sense of content overload too.
However, better curated content, creative distribution strategies supported by smart data that leverage the opportunities offered by media convergence, can stop content overload from hindering the overall value of native advertising.

1. Listen and learn

Knowing your audience is a must for brands as much as it is for publishers. It is therefore important to audit your audience’s conversations comprehensively – social listening can be a particularly effective tool for this. This provides clear insight into people’s content consumption habits, for example, what they are interested in, what formats of content they like, who their influencers are, when and where they read and how they feel about that content.

2. Capitalise on context...

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