Sunday, August 31, 2014

How tablet advertising differs from mobile advertising: Key metrics

TabTimes reporting:
While tablet advertising is usually considered as part of the broader mobile advertising category, a recent survey points to key differences in formats and performance.
Medialets, who operates a mobile ad serving platform, recently compiled data from campaigns run across its network on both smartphones and tablets from January to June 2014.
Here are some key findings:
  • Tablets get only 12% of all ad impressions served on mobile devices.
  • The average click-through rate on ads (CTR) is 44% higher on tablets than on phones (0.59% vs. 0.41%)
  • The delta in CTR is even stronger for static ads: They are clicked 53% more frequently on tablets (0.81%) than on handsets (0.53%)
  • Interstitials --or full-screen static ads-- are clicked 6 times more on tablets than smartphones.
  • The three best-performing static ad formats on tablets are:
1) traditional 300x250 medium rectangle
2) full screen ad
3) horizontal “leaderboard” banner (728x90 or 994x90)

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