Saturday, June 14, 2014

Unlocking mobile revenue and audience: New ideas and best practices

API reporting:
The ideas, and in some cases the words themselves, are drawn from the few dozen participants of our summit. We don’t imply that every summit participant endorses every idea or view expressed in this white paper, but collectively they deserve credit for any wisdom you find useful in the chapters that follow.
The nine concepts are these:
  1. A mobile-first organization has editorial, technology and business teams working together in new ways
  2. Mobile news presentation should be different from web or print
  3. Mobile and social media are intricately linked
  4. Mobile apps and mobile websites are for quite different audiences
  5. What it really means to “engage” a mobile user
  6. What you don’t know about the “second screen” and “utility” behaviors of mobile users
  7. Advertisers buy audiences, not publications or platforms, and data is the key
  8. Mobile advertising needs more creative thinking
  9. How to hire or promote for mobile jobs
We know at API from our own research conducted with the the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago that a majority of American adults now get news on mobile phones — and that it not limited to the youngest age groups. At the same time, people continue to use traditional platforms like desktop websites, newspapers, TV and radio as well, but mobile is growing fast and is changing users’ behavior and expectations.

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