Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NYT Just Published One of the Best Pieces of Sponsored Content Ever

CyberAlert reporting:
PR and marketing writers who need guidance on writing sponsored content: look no further than a recent paid post in The New York Times.
The post, titled, Women Inmates: Why the Male Model Doesn’t Work, is a superb example of how to write sponsored content that informs and entertains — and still sells. In the article, author Melanie Deziel examines a large-scale but little-known issue experienced by incarcerated women nationwide: prisons and their amenities, treatment options, job-training programs and cultures are designed for men. 
The post is sponsored by none other than the popular Netflix original, “Orange is the New Black,” (OITNB) which recently released its second season.
The article serves as a noteworthy case study for those in PR and marketing who are tasked with writing sponsored content (also called advertorials) for their companies and clients. Here are five major reasons why Deziel’s article is so great:


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