Friday, November 15, 2013

Facebook users get news from family & friends, Twitter users get news from journalists

Poynter reprting:

Today’s annual report on the State of the News Media shows that new technologies really are pressing journalists to do much more with much less.
Last week, we learned that newspaper industry ad revenue was down 7.3 percent this year to its lowest level since 1984 (or 1954, adjusted for inflation). As a result, newsrooms continue to shrink.
But The Project For Excellence in Journalism’s report shows us that the needs and demands of the audience are growing and fragmenting.
Social media is an important source of news, the report says, but remains smaller and only “supplemental” to other discovery methods like directly visiting a news website, searching the Web or browsing an aggregator.
People who own smartphones or tablets are using them heavily to consume news, but they also continue to frequently use a laptop or desktop computer to get news...

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