Sunday, October 27, 2013

The case for tablet & smartphone optimization

emedia vitals reporting:
In the publishing and media industry, the New World once was defined by the migration of consumers and advertising dollars from print media to the Internet. Now, however, the New World is mobile, or more specifically, media consumed via portable, personal and powerful devices like tablets and smartphones. Our New World is now called “post­PC,” as tablet devices have already outsold laptops this year, and tablet sales are expected to eclipse all computer sales in 2015.
User experiences when navigating content designed for a larger computer screen on a tablet or smartphone sucks. Yes, a site that is specifically designed for the mobile device they are using is different, but that’s the point. Users vote with their time and their actions.
Data from our platform shows that readers get comfortable with tablet-optimized sites over a short amount of time. In fact, between July and September, our average page view growth across all publishers that we power grew 48%. That is 48% growth in three months after launching an optimized site, proving that readers spend more time and consume more pages of content each month.
First, tablet-optimized formats are different, and by their nature may have less ad units per page than currently exist on your desktop pages. This sounds like a good thing for readers (less ads, more content), but a potentially bad thing for publishers (less ads, less money).
Not so. We’ve learned that by restyling and reformatting content for tablet devices, readers consume more page views. A lot more page views. A quick analysis across our publisher platform during the past three months shows an average of 155% growth in page views per month once publishers adopt a tablet-optimized version. So let’s say your website currently gets approximately 250,000 tablet page views per month. The first month your site is optimized for tablet, those page views may grow to 400,000; by month two, you’ve reached 525,000 page views, and in the third month you have 650,000 page views. In a short amount of time, your tablet-only page views are delivering significantly more ad revenue because your users are consuming more content and page views.

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