Wednesday, October 15, 2014

California Sunday Magazine has a solution for how to find readers: Pay newspapers for them

NiemanLab reporting:
California Sunday Magazine, which launched conceptually in January and physically earlier this month, was beloved before its first issue was even printed. The magazine, a project of Douglas McGray’s, is available both in print and online, on tablet and mobile, and aims to tell beautiful, reported stories about the American West, Latin America, and Asia.
...California Sunday grew out of McGray’s other project, Pop-Up Magazine, a popular performance journalism series that’s meant to feel like a live magazine. What started as a fun project among friends quickly grew, selling out theaters and drawing big-name performers. The experience convinced McGray that there was a market in California for locally-grown media that doesn’t feel East Coast-centric...
...But beyond elegant design and talented writers, what sets California Sunday apart from the digital magazine crowd is its distribution model. In its first weekend, the print magazine reached 400,000 Californians at home as an insert in the Sunday paper. Just like an advertiser would, the magazine paid the newspapers — the Los Angeles Times, The Sacramento Bee, and the San Francisco Chronicle — to include the print edition with Sunday’s delivery...

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