Friday, March 6, 2015

The latest Web publishing design trend: Mimic print

digiday reporting:
Wired on the Web suddenly looks a more lot more like Wired in print. The site’s redesign, launched earlier this week, takes many of the design cues introduced with Wired magazine’s redesign in 2013, with a shared typeface, full-page section images, and an editorial orientation around business, design, entertainment, gear, science and security. is also built with a flexible card-based homepage, which lets editors feature stories based on how important they are.
The move is as much strategic as it is cosmetic. Since stepping up as editor-in-chief in 2012,  has attempted to bring a single design sensibility to Wired both online and off...
Topolsky said that publishers have long been hamstrung by the technical limitations of Web design. While a print layout lets designers give a big story penalty of real estate, that sort of editorial control has been slow to come to most publisher homepages, which tend give lengthy features the same treatment as 200-word blog posts. New tools are finally letting publishers turn that around...

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