Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introducing The Most: trending stories from around the web, all in one place

WashPost reporting:
The Washington Post today introduces The Most, a new feature that lists the most popular stories from The Post and partner publications around the web. Readers can expect to find a mix of content on The Most, surfaced by a diverse group of readers from a variety of sites.
Katie Parker, The Post’s deputy director of digital products and design, put it this way: “Some stories in The Most will be breaking news, some will be blog posts, some will be long reads. All of them will be thought-provoking, sometimes surprising, must-reads.”
On The Most, you’ll find the stories other readers are clicking on. Popular reads from The Washington Post will be there, as will trending articles from partners like Time and The Atlantic, regional newspapers like The Denver Post and The Houston Chronicle, broadcasters like New York Public Radio and digital publications like Slate and The Dodo...

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