Thursday, September 26, 2013

Digital puts news consumers in control

Newsosaur and Editor&Publisher reporting:
News consumption in the digital era has become far more of a participatory activity than it was in the days when folks plopped into a La-Z-Boy to read the paper or watch the evening news. 

Publishers hoping to connect with modern audiences need to understand the radically different expectations that consumers have about when, where and how they get the news – and how they proactively mix, match and remix the information they acquire.

The surprising degree to which consumers are using digital technology to personalize and control the news-consuming experience is illuminated in a recent study from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University.  

Conducted online in the United States and eight other countries, the Oxford study shows an eclectic appetite for news sources and platforms around the world, as well as a sharp generational divide in what consumers do with the news after they obtain it.  In particular, the findings show that digital natives under the age of 45 are more proactive than their elders. 

While the online-only nature of the study may not give the print and broadcast media all the credit they are due, these trends are too significant for media executives to ignore.  You can read the full study here.  Meantime, here are the key findings:  

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